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Exercise Fitness Professional

Be Activated Level 2 Practitioner

Functional Movement Systems Specialist

have been in the health industry for over 10 years now and I started out like every other health professional using the conventional methods training: “Strengthen the weak muscles, stretch the tight muscles”. This is very generalised but this is basically how most people in the health industry function.


It took me a while but eventually I asked, “Why? Why is my butt weak? why do I have tight hamstrings?”. The conventional methods could never give me a definitive answer. It took me years of investigating, my skills were improving, but I would constantly get frustrated when each avenue lead to: “I have to do EIGHT weeks of this to strengthen my glutes?”. There had to be another way.


The answer came in 2015 at a lecture I attended called “Everything you’re doing is wrong!” As arrogant as the lecturer sounded, he was right. His philosophy was so simple it was frustrating. Since that lecture I have shaped my training principles around his teachings and have created a system of training that focuses on what the body needs rather than just treating the symptoms.

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