Mobile services
(home and outdoor)

Muscle Activation - $75 45 mins

Movement Coaching - $60 45 mins

Shared Personal Training Session - $80 (max 4 people)

Other Locations

Noosa Springs

Call 0406 185 368 or email for all bookings

* Prices and sessions may vary.


It is recommended to book in for a muscle activation assessment before starting any new packages. Text, call or email Luke at Alto Performance for more information about packages. All Packages have a minimum 6 week commitment.

2 x week - $110

3 x week - $150

Online Coaching

Alto Performance offers a variety of different online coaching packages. If you just need a new gym program or some extra help with your current goals Alto Performance has an online solution to suit your needs. 

Muscle Activation
Alto Performance Muscle Activation

Muscle activation uses a combination of techniques to release the overworked and activate the weaker underused muscles. The techniques will clear up the communication from the brain to the muscle for a quicker response time allowing you to get the best out of your body.

Movement Coaching
Alto Performance Movement Coaching

Movement coaching mixes exercises from yoga, pilates and traditional strength training to challenge the body. Training this way helps the body create strength through natural movements whilst improving flexibility and balance.

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