Are You Thriving or Surviving ?

People constantly ask me about the work I do and I tell them “I do muscle activation; I shift your body out of a state of struggle and stress, and into a zone where the body feels taller, lighter, and more capable. I unlock the body’s hidden potential.” No matter how I may explain it, the main point I like to educate is that your body is designed to survive. It needs to meet two priorities to survive: breathe and move. Your body will do whatever is required to breathe and move, even if it means causing you harm. The harm you feel is just a symptom of your survival strategy, so for you to make the shift you need in order to thrive your body needs to learn how to breathe and move efficiently.

So I congratulate you. Your body has done everything in its power to keep you alive. But how has your journey been? Suffering from stress, chronic pain, fatigue, or injury? Are you thriving or simply surviving?

Are You Thriving or Surviving ?

I have been in the health industry for over 10 years now and I started out like every other health professional using the conventional methods of training: “Strengthen the weak muscles, stretch the tight muscles”. This is very generalised but this is basically how most people in the health industry function.

It took me a while but eventually I asked, “Why is my butt weak? Why do I have tight hamstrings? Why am I in pain?”. The conventional methods could never give me a definitive answer. It took me years of investigating, my skills were improving, but I would constantly get frustrated when each avenue lead to: “I have to do EIGHT weeks of this to strengthen my glutes?”. There had to be another way.

The answer came in 2015 at a lecture I attended called “Everything you’re doing is wrong!” As arrogant as the presenter’s title sounded, he was right. His philosophy was so simple; this was the game changer I had been searching for. Since that lecture I have shaped my training principles around his teachings and have created a system of training that focuses on what the body needs rather than just treating the symptoms of the problem.

Focusing on the symptoms will not shift the body so it can thrive. Training this way will only preserve your current level of survival. To really thrive in life, you need to go to the cause and find the survival strategy your body has created in order to breathe and to move.

If you are tired only surviving and want to overcome weight issues, injuries, and the stress of everyday life, Alto Performance will create the shift that your body needs to thrive. Book in for an assessment with Alto Performance to initiate the change you need in your life to feel taller, lighter, and capable of thriving.

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