Online Personal Training


6 Week Training Plans - $199

Personalised Training Programs - $60

6 Week Training Plans 

4 x Personalised Workout

1 x Warm up/Cool Down Routine

Weekly email and/or Txt check-ins.

24/hr email assistance

Receive discounts on one on one sessions during plan

The 6 week training plan is a structured pathway for you to gain some quick results in a short period of time. Each week you will have workouts to complete and to develop over a 6 week period that can be remotely monitored and tracked. Your workouts in the 6 week plan will be fully customised for your needs, so if you want to focus on strength each workout will be dedicated to enhancing your strength. Your plan can be customised to also help over come any pain or issues your body is suffering or get you back into shape after having time off. 

Personalised Training Programs (coming Soon) 

1 x Personalised Workout

1 x Warm up/Cool Down Routine

Email follow up

24/hr email assistance

Receive a discount on first one on one session

Your personalised program will be taylor made for your individual needs. The workout you will receive will be challenging on the body so a specific warm up and cool down routine will be included as well. This routine is designed around the exercises that you will be completing in your workout.